If your passion is to design innovative industrial products then this webinar is for you! This session aims to help product designers understand and benefit from advanced optimization technology. Design engineering is an art of choosing. By considering trade-offs between product attributes of performance, cost, weight and manufacturability, designers choose the best design for overall performance. Topology optimization can be used in the earlier stage of design process to assist these crucial choices. This practice embraces the ‘right first time’ concept and minimize ‘design to test’ cycles. This webinar starts from optimization theories and extends to example of implementing optimization method step-by- step in product design practice. The session is free of charge, register now and discover what an optimization can do for you!

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Cyprien Rusu
Cyprien Rusu is senior technical engineer at MIDAS IT. He is specialized in mechanical FEA analysis.

"Maths are the basis of FEA Analysis, this is why I am always focused on teaching the mathematical background going with the Analysis, to make everyone more professional and more efficient in their daily job by understanding what is behind ! " --Cyprien Rusu

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You can download immediately the full version of midas NFX along with some nice tutorials to show you the way to go into Topology Optimization for your design project !

"Topics are well detailed with some background theory and some live tutorials, well done !"

Philippe Pasquet in NAFEMS, FR

"Always informative with a broad range of topics. Whatever your CAE ability it's worth taking an hour out of your day."

Chris Hollingworth in Infinite Analysis Limited, UK