The output is only as good as the input. As the ‘input’ of the FEA project, Modelling is no doubt the most important step in a reliable analysis. This webinar walks you through major considerations in building a finite element model; helps you to avoid common misunderstandings and traps in FE modelling practice. Especially you will learn how to build high quality FE models effortlessly using the advanced modeling features in midas NFX.

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Apoorv Sharma
Apoorv Sharma is the mechanical engineer at MIDAS IT. He is specialized in simple FEA analysis for Designers.

"FEM Modeling is the basis to know to get Accurate Results with FEA ! " --Apoorv Sharma

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The webinar PDF is available freely to all engineers eager to learn more about FEM Analysis

"Always informative with a broad range of topics. Whatever your CAE ability it's worth taking an hour out of your day."

Chris Hollingworth in Infinite Analysis Limited, UK

"Topics are well detailed with some background theory and some live tutorials, well done !"

Philippe Pasquet in NAFEMS, FR