Practising dynamic analysis can be a challenging leap for designers and engineers. However it is worthwhile because in many cases the problems are dynamic in nature and the response of the structure cannot be simply assessed using static analysis. Typical dynamic problems are commonly encountered in design: - determine natural frequencies to prevent resonance and damage - investigate structural behaviour under external excitations (motor vibration, acoustic vibration, bumpy road, fluid pressure, inertia …) Objective of this webinar is to help you get hands on dynamic analysis more smoothly by providing a balanced mixture of physical theories, implementable workflow and practical examples. Effect of damping mechanism will be explained in detail in this session.

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Piotr Stepien
Piotr Stepien is senior technical engineer at MIDAS IT. He is specialized in mechanical FEA analysis.

"Maths are the basis of FEA Analysis, this is why I am always focused on teaching the mathematical background going with the Analysis, to make everyone more professional and more efficient in their daily job by understanding what is behind ! " --Piotr Stepien

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"Topics are well detailed with some background theory and some live tutorials, well done !"

Philippe Pasquet in NAFEMS, FR

"Our Office is using many FEA packages and personally I think that support provided by midas NFX team was the best that we ever received, despite the distance between Poland and South Korea. Feedback time is in most cases shorter than 24h and very professional”

Piotr Harnatkiewicz, CEO in KOMES Ltd